Moving Past Frat


A guide to not dressing frat

Whats wrong with these guys I look just like them!

  1. All of their shit is to loose. It makes you look fat and no one wants that
  2. The L.L Bean boots look fine I guess.. The problem I have with these is that they are so unoriginal and every guy at the bar will be rocking the same pair.
  3. I don’t understand why you need to wear a hat when you out to a bar on a Friday or Saturday.

The Solution

  1. Stop buying the name brand frat clothes. [ vineyard vines, southern proper, etc]
  2. Buy Clothes that fit better or take your current clothes to a tailor!
  3. Take a look at these accounts too see what you should start wearing
    1. I think Shawn Booth has a really good understanding of post grad fashion. Take 30 minutes scrolling through his page
  4. Buy clothes that are stylish and will stay stylish over the years(unlike that vineyard vines pastel oxford)
    1. Red Wing Iron Rangers
    2. Raw Denim Jeans ( wear them everyday, break them in, you’ll have them for years)
    3. Bomber Jackets
  5. The goal is to buy less clothes and instead have more quality items
  • The fit

    The single biggest that will separate you from your frat bros is how your clothes fit. When you are shopping don’t buy everything small it doesn’t feel right. If you cant find your size, take your favorite shirt and the newly bought one and ask them to make it like your favorite.  

  • The Clothes

    Get rid of the pastels. You will live in neutral colors like a normal human being. Think navy, white, olive, tan, and grey shades. Assemble a simple wardrobe with things you can wear everyday. For me my white t-shirt , black denim, and Chelsea boots are my foundation to almost every outfit I have. Fashion for you now is not who can be the brightest but who can have the best fitting clothes and most minimal. The entire purpose should be that you just “threw it on”. Make it look effortless.

  • My Closet

    Everyone will have there own style, but here are some examples for finding new outfits. White/Black t-shirt, henleys, dark/light denim, grey sweatshirt, olive bomber jacket, redwing moc toe/iron rangers. This is the foundation of my closet. I wear one of these thing every single day. You need to find your foundation pieces and wear the fuck out of them! Recently my style has been chelsea boots but just because i wear them doesn’t mean you have to.


    My Closet

    Links for inspiration:

    Summer look: See how basic this shit is? IT JUST FITS REALLY WELL. its that easy to be fashionable.

    This guy has good looks. Scroll down to the bottom of the feed.


    your best friend: take baby steps.. it can be easy to get carried away looking at models who get paid to look good. Take smaller things and try them out.



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